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Lipblush Tattoo at Greco Dermatology in Sarasota

Many individuals feel that their lips look “washed out”, pale, or uneven in color. Lipblush tattoo is a semi-permanent cosmetic makeup treatment that adds a tint of color softly over the lips to help them look their best and always ready to go.

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Why Choose Lipblush Tattoo?

  • Lips that are always beautifully lined, shaded, and defined
  • No need to worry about lipstick fading during the day
  • Color looks very natural — only enhanced and more attractive
  • Multiple needle configurations to achieve the right level of blending
  • Can be used to correct minor asymmetry issues and camouflage scars
  • Adds subtle volume to the lips
  • Results are long-lasting (up to two years)
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What to Expect During the Treatment

Before anything else, you’ll have a consultation with Vicky Greco, our Aesthetics Director at Greco Dermatology. Together you will discuss your preferred color for your lipblush tattoo in Sarasota that best complement your skin tone. After the consultation, a numbing cream will be applied to your lips. Your mouth will be covered with a plastic film, and you will allow the numbing cream to work for about 10-30 minutes. Once you’re numb, Vicky will draw the shape of your lips using a bright lip pencil, staying within your natural lip border and carefully defining the edges so she knows exactly where to tattoo. She will also use a white liner to outline the outer edge of your lips. After the shape is perfected, she will use a tattoo instrument to etch the outline of your lips. This etching helps “lock in” the shape of your lips. This tattoo instrument is small enough that there isn’t much trauma or swelling to the mouth area.

Swelling will last only a few hours after the treatment. The lips do have a lot of nerve endings, but the numbing cream will help quite a bit. The needle feels like a small, sharp sting and will also vibrate. When she has completed the top outline, she will remove the makeup she used to guide her, and typically she will apply more numbing cream at this point. This process is repeated for the lower lip as well. When the outline has been done, the rest of the lips are then filled in. Three layers of shading are typically needed, but this will depend on your natural lip color. Your lips will be numbed again with each pass of shading. A regular lipblush tattoo appointment takes 1-3 hours. You may need multiple treatments, depending on your goals. Vicky will explain how many sessions you will need during your consultation.

Downtime and Home Care

Immediately after your lipblush tattoo session, the color will look very bright and vibrant. This is normal, and you shouldn’t be alarmed, as 50% of the color fades after one week. Your lips will be fully healed with final results at one week. During this week, you can expect your lips to become very dry and flaky. Peak dryness usually happens around day four, with lots of peeling. Be sure to avoid picking at your lips. Allow the skin to come off naturally, and keep plenty of moisturizer on them. Do not eat anything spicy or cold for two days following your lipblush tattoo appointment. In addition, avoid making large mouth movements, direct sunlight, and topical products that may cause your lips to sting, such as vitamin C. Makeup that goes on the lips will need to be avoided until you’re fully healed. Use sunscreen and be mindful of the area.

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Once your lips are healed, you will enjoy a beautiful, “always there” color, definition, and a much more even appearance. 

Results last 2-3 years, with touch-ups recommended as needed (usually every two months). Touch-ups are usually needed, but not always. It will depend on your lifestyle habits, as certain things will cause the color to fade more quickly — such as how often you’re in the sun, if you smoke, and what skincare products you use. 

Why Choose Greco Dermatology for Lipblush Tattoo?

With a warm personal touch and respect and compassion for our patients, Greco Dermatology provides a truly exceptional experience. We offer individualized care and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments in the most comfortable and soothing environment possible. This includes spacious and newly designed patient rooms equipped with music, flat-screen TVs, and plenty of window space with lovely views of Sarasota. We take great pride in our relationship with our patients, and we have excellent bedside manner with lots of humor and lightheartedness. Vicky Greco has a background as a professional makeup artist, and she now provides outstanding services as Greco Dermatology’s Aesthetics Director. Specializing in scar camouflage, scalp micropigmentation, microblading, and semi-permanent makeup, you can be sure you’re in excellent hands with Vicky. If you’re in the Sarasota area and would like to learn more about lipblush tattoo, be sure to contact us today.

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