Three Generations of Hair Restoration

Dr. Joseph Greco grew up in medicine. His grandfather, Joseph F. Greco, Sr., was a pioneer in hair transplantation — one of the first doctors in the United States to perform hair transplant surgery — and his father, Dr. Joe Greco, has been continuing the legacy of hair restoration for over three decades as a top hair transplant surgeon. Dr. Joseph Greco has now trained with his father, learning the most advanced procedures, and offering premier hair transplantations. The Greco family is proud to represent the only three-generation family in the world doing hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Greco performing hair restoration on a male patient
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Our Methods of Surgical Hair Restoration at Greco Dermatology

We take standard hair restoration surgery to the next level by using your own regenerative cells to enhance the result of all phases of the procedure. Bio-Enhanced Follicular Unit Transplantation (Bio-FUT) and Bio-Enhanced Follicular Unit Extraction (Bio-FUE) incorporate the use of your own natural growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and stem cells to heal faster, yield hair sooner, and increase the survival of the transplanted hairs, and even promote the growth of the non-transplanted hair. Bio-enhanced surgical hair restoration creates the optimal conditions for growth and healing.

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Follicular Unit Transplantation (Bio-FUT)

Follicular unit transplantation enhanced by cytokine and growth factor-rich plasma  (Bio-FUT) is a hair transplantation procedure that offers optimal follicular survival rate and exceptional results. In this procedure, the hair follicles to be transplanted are harvested from a strip of tissue from the back of the head or donor area of the scalp. The donor tissue is then meticulously and microscopically dissected into hair follicular grafts consisting of natural hair bundles ranging from 1 to 4 hairs. The follicular units are then gently implanted into areas of the scalp where hair growth is desired in a natural, aesthetically-designed pattern.

Follicular unit transplantation results in a virtually imperceptible linear scar over the back of the scalp. With longer hairstyles, this is completely hidden; however, follicular unit extraction may be a better option for those who prefer to wear very short hairstyles. We do everything we can to leave as imperceptibly a scar as possible. See below for our information on Bio-FUT using CRP/Matrix.

Advantages of Bio-FUT:

  • More hair can be transplanted in one session
  • Less chance of transection of hairs in harvesting
  • FUT may be less expensive than FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (Bio-FUE)

Follicular unit extraction enhanced by CRP/MatrixCRP/Matrix (Bio-FUE) is a surgical hair restoration procedure that harvests hair follicular units one by one from the donor area of the scalp, using tiny microscopic extractions without the need for a scalpel. The follicular units exist naturally in groupings of 1, 2, 3, or even 4 hair bundles. The follicular grafts are then gently implanted into areas of the scalp where hair growth is desired in a natural pattern. 

This hair transplantation technique leaves tiny microscopic channels in the donor area of the scalp that heal quickly on their own and are virtually undetectable with short hairstyles.  No sutures are required, and no linear scar is created.  Bio-FUE is a minimally invasive harvesting technique that heals faster with less pain and activity restrictions post-operatively. 

For follicular unit extraction, we utilize the NeoGraft® machine: the most advanced technology for FUE hair transplantation. The NeoGraft system provides exceptional efficiency, safety, and less trauma to the follicles.  When we tested side by side with robotic extraction devices, the NeoGraft system demonstrated faster extraction and less transection in FUE grafts.

Advantages of Bio-FUE:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Very little downtime
  • No visible linear scar left behind
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Scarring and Graft Survival

We understand that our patients are concerned with maximizing the survival of the transplanted grafts and minimizing the scarring in the donor area. When hair restoration surgeries are performed by a top hair transplant surgeon with bio-enhanced therapy, grafts achieve maximum survival while scarring is held to an absolute minimum. The sooner the wound heals, the less scarring you’ll have.

This is why we utilize a proprietary method to heal the donor and recipient sites more quickly after follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction, and we are excited to offer this at our Sarasota clinic. See below for more information on how we do this.

Regenerative Hair Growth with Cytokine-Rich Plasma (CRP)/Matrix

With cytokine-rich plasma (CRP), Greco Dermatology is continuing to advance the science of regenerative medicine in hair restoration: two areas in which Dr. Greco’s father has established a world-renowned reputation. This allows us to offer the most advanced techniques and treatments in regenerative dermatology with CRP therapies for hair regrowth. 

Regenerative hair growth with CRP/Matrix is an essential component of our surgical hair restoration procedures, (Bio-enhanced FUT and Bio-enhanced FUE) for hair restoration. Taken from your own blood, the CRP contains powerful growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines that help foster hair growth. 

During the Bio-FUT and Bio-FUT procedures, the donor area of the scalp containing the hair to be transplanted (as well as the recipient area of the scalp or eyebrow to receive the transplanted hair) is treated with the CRP/matrix to provide optimal growth and wound healing conditions. The individual follicular units are also immersed in a CRP bath during the microscopic dissection process of the hair transplant. 

These crucial steps ensure that all hair follicles are nourished by natural growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines throughout the procedure and the postoperative period. This provides optimal conditions with the greatest chance of survival and growth potential for the hair follicles and peak wound healing to help ensure the least perceptible scarring.

Although CRP/Matrix is used in conjunction with our hair transplantation surgeries, BioScalp treatments can also be offered as a standalone procedure.

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Red Light Therapy for Hair Restoration

Photobiomodulation using low-level red light has proven beneficial for many hair loss patients. This treatment utilizes wavelengths of light and converts them into cellular energy. The wavelengths of light stimulate mitochondria within the cells,  lowering oxidative stress and enhancing circulation.

Photobiomodulation may improve wound healing, inflammation, and pain relief. This low-level light therapy may result in thicker hair and reduced hair loss when used consistently for hair restoration. At Greco Dermatology, our in-office red light therapy unit is often used in conjunction with our hair transplant procedures (Bio-FUT and Bio-FUE), as red light therapy may increase the survival and healing of transplanted hair follicles. We also offer a laser cap option that can be worn at home. There is no pain during the treatment many patients find it relaxing.

Topical and Oral Hair Restoration Therapies

In addition to hair transplantation and our other therapies, we also offer medical hair restoration. This refers to a variety of topical and oral products. These can be used in concert with other treatments or may be recommended for isolated use. During your consultation, we will evaluate your hair loss to determine what will work best for you.

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Scalp Micropigmentation 

Another hair loss service we provide at our Sarasota hair restoration center is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). While this procedure isn’t necessarily hair restoration, it does provide the illusion of fuller, denser hair. Tiny microdots of pigment that resemble hair follicles are created to mimic the appearance of natural-looking depth and definition on the scalp

Tiny microdots of pigment that resemble hair follicles are created to mimic the appearance of natural-looking depth and definition on the scalp. Scalp micropigmentation deposits semipermanent pigment into the scalp to replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles. The pigment matches your hair color to blend with the existing hairs.

This procedure is particularly effective for those with alopecia, thinning hair, bald patches, pattern baldness, hair loss after cancer treatments, or those who want to camouflage post-procedural scarring. Multiple sessions (2-3) are usually needed to get the best results from SMP.

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Hair Transplantation and Restoration at Greco Dermatology

The extensive and unique experience of Dr. Joseph F. Greco drives the heart of Greco Dermatology in Sarasota, Florida. Surrounded by a lifetime of medicine, Dr. Greco incorporates what he has learned from his grandfather and father into his practice. He treats patients with respect, compassion, and individualized care — and he also provides a warm and personal touch by treating each patient as if they were from his hometown. It’s important to him that the patient visit is centered around a great experience. Dr. Greco’s aesthetic touch has been shaped by his experience in the most cosmetically demanding environment of all: Los Angeles, where A-list Hollywood celebrities were included among his patients. In addition, he is double board-certified by The American Board of Dermatology in Dermatology and Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery.

If you would like a consultation for hair transplantation in Sarasota, we welcome you to contact our office today.

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