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Scalp Micropigmentation at Our Sarasota Clinic

Scalp micropigmentation is a specialized cosmetic technique for depositing semipermanent pigment into the scalp to make your hair appear fuller and denser by replicating natural hair follicles. Overall SMP creates an undetectable illusion of thicker, fuller hair as the color-matched natural pigment blends with existing hairs. We’re very pleased to offer this procedure at Greco Dermatology in Sarasota.

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Who is Scalp Micropigmentation For?

Scalp micropigmentation is typically beneficial for individuals who have:

  • Alopecia
  • Thinning hair
  • Bald patches
  • Male or female pattern baldness
  • Hair loss from cancer treatments
  • Desire to camouflage post-procedural scarring
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How Scalp Micropigmentation Works

Scalp micropigmentation is a specialized cosmetic technique that deposits natural pigment into the upper layers of the skin. Tiny microdots that resemble hair follicles are created to mimic the appearance of natural-looking depth and definition on the scalp. Our Aesthetics Director, Vicky Greco, works with precision and skill to blend the pigment seamlessly with your skin.

SMP Preparation

One week before begin using a gentle non-abrasive shampoo. Cut your hair 3-4 days before your procedure to the shortest length you typically wear your hair.

This ensures the best results. Avoid fish oil and aspirin 1 week before treatment unless prescribed by a doctor. Before coming in for your treatment, we recommend that you take a shower, as you won’t be able to get your scalp wet for four days afterward

What to Expect During Treatment

Before the procedure starts, the area will be numbed with a topical to help keep you as comfortable as possible. You may still feel discomfort, so please let us know if you need a break. The pigment will be deposited directly into your scalp where the appearance of hair is needed.

Scalp micropigmentation procedures typically take 1-2 hours, and most patients need multiple sessions — usually, 2-3 scheduled a few weeks apart — to get their desired results because it’s a process that requires layering. After your first scalp micropigmentation session, it’s normal for the results to fade. In sessions two and three, more pigments will be added to build on the results from session one.

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Scalp micropigmentation is considered a semi-permanent treatment. Although the 
results will last for years, they may fade gradually over time. Touch-ups can be 
performed 2-5 years after the initial session.

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Can scalp micropigmentation hide a hair transplant scar?

Can I wear a hat after scalp micropigmentation?

My skin is light/dark. Will scalp micropigmentation look natural?

Can scalp micropigmentation hide a hair transplant scar?

Yes. Scalp micropigmentation is a great answer to camouflage post-transplant scarring with excellent nearly imperceptible results.

Can I wear a hat after scalp micropigmentation?

Yes, you can wear a loose-fitting hat after your treatment. In fact, we encourage doing so while outside to avoid sun exposure. Tight-fitting hats, however, may irritate the treatment area and should be avoided.

My skin is light/dark. Will scalp micropigmentation look natural?

Yes. We can match the shade of the pigment to the color of your natural hair follicles.

What Risks are Involved?

  • Some patients are allergic to pigment, but this is very rare. 
  • Those with sensitive skin or are prone to scalp acne should postpone the procedure if they’re having a flare-up or breakout.
  • Individuals who develop keloid scars should let us know, as this may affect 

Side Effects

After treatment, you may see mild redness on your scalp for 2-3 days. Some 
patients also experience temporary itching.

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Scalp Micropigmentation: After Care

It’s very important to keep from getting the treated area wet for four days, so avoid 
showers, swimming, and anything that will cause you to sweat (including exercising and steam from baths and hot showers).

During the first week, we recommend you avoid exposing your scalp to the sun for one month. In fact, the longer you block the treated area from the sun, the longer your results will last.

After day four of your scalp micropigmentation procedure, you may begin moisturizing the treatment area. This will aid in the healing process and help maintain results. Wash your scalp with a gentle shampoo and pat dry. Do not rub, scratch, or pick at the treatment site. 

Avoid exercise, strenuous activity, and direct sun exposure for 2 weeks. 

Avoid swimming, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms for 30 days.

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Scalp Micropigmentation at Greco Dermatology

At Greco Dermatology, we take great pride in our work, the professional relationship we develop with patients, and the overall experience we provide. Your visit will be centered around an exceptional experience, as we treat you with respect, compassion, and individualized care. Founded by double board-certified dermatologist Joseph F. Greco, M.D., our clinic covers various medical dermatology issues, and we also offer cosmetic dermatology options and hair restoration.

Our Aesthetics Director, Vicky Greco, has a decade-long background as a professional makeup artist and now focuses on helping patients look and feel amazing. Specializing in scar camouflage, scalp micropigmentation, microblading, and semi-permanent makeup, you can be certain you’re in excellent hands with Vicky. Contact us today if you’re in the Sarasota area and want to learn more about scalp micropigmentation.

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