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Scars: The Body’s Wound Response

Scars are patches of collagen on the skin that look different from the normal surrounding skin. When your body is wounded, white blood cells quickly surround the wound to protect it against infection. In addition, your body also tries its best to “hold together” the edges of the wound by sending in collagen, which quickly forms to fill in and support the wounded area. Sometimes too much collagen is produced, which results in a raised scar. It is important to know that scarring is the body’s natural response to damage in the skin. While it’s impossible to prevent a scar, many of them may be imperceptible.

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The Problem with Scarring

Many individuals who have scarring dislike its obvious appearance. When the wound is healing, the collagen is aligned in a single direction instead of the natural “basket weave” pattern — which makes it stand out. Many people find their scars to be distracting or unsightly, and seek out scar treatment. 

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Types of Scars

  • Atrophic: Atrophic scars develop beneath the skin, resulting in shallow indentations. Examples include acne, chicken pox, and mole removal.
  • Hypopigmented: Hypopigmented scars are scars with pigmentation lighter than the surrounding skin.  They can be common with post-surgical scarring and trauma.
  • Hypertrophic: Hypertrophic scars are raised, thick, dark, and develop across taut skin. They stay within the original wound border. They can be the result of many wounds, or sometimes appear spontaneously. 
  • Keloid: Keloids are similar to hypertrophic scars, but they are larger and extend beyond the original wound border. 
  • Normotrophic: Normotrophic scars are the most “appropriate” scars. They appear when your body does everything right during healing. Examples include minor injuries or tiny surgical incisions.

Scar Treatment Options at Greco Dermatology

At Greco dermatology, we have numerous options for scar treatment, including: 

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Why Choose Greco Dermatology?

Most individuals have at least one scar that they would like to correct. While the level of discomfort that a scar can bring is different for everyone, we are happy to offer scar treatment for those that want it. Founded by Joseph F. Greco, M.D., a double-board certified dermatologist, Greco Dermatology offers cosmetic procedures of many kinds to help you feel your most confident. We will evaluate your scar(s) to determine the ideal treatment to reduce its appearance. Dr. Greco served as Director of UCLA Santa Monica Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery for 12 years and has also been recognized annually as a SuperDoctor® in Southern California (2016-2022) as well as a TopDoctor® in Los Angeles in 2018. His wife, Vicky Greco, is our Aesthetics Director and is certified in scar treatment as well. If you have scars you would like to improve, we invite you to contact our office today.

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