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Hand Rejuvenation with CRP

As we age, our hands lose a lot of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin become much thinner. When the skin of the hands becomes thin, the tendons, veins, and bones become much more visible. This results in an aged appearance. This is why we offer cytokine-rich plasma (CRP) for the hands. When CRP is administered to the backs of the hands, it triggers additional collagen and elastin. This results in firmer, plumper, more youthful skin.

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What is CRP?

CRP is a powerful solution derived from your very own blood. This solution contains a concentration of essential growth factors in an extracellular protein matrix or bio-scaffolding. CRP is directly re-introduced to treatment areas to target the skin at a cellular level for significant improvement in photodamaged skin, collagen loss, and more. You’re using your body’s own natural regenerative capacity to promote aesthetic rejuvenation.

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The Three Components of CRP/Matrix

The unique and natural CRP/matrix contains three main components, all autologous and derived from your own blood:

  • Growth factors with anabolic properties
  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines 
  • Natural protein matrix

How BioHand Works

The first step is to draw blood from you. This blood will be spun inside of a centrifuge to isolate the cytokine-rich plasma. Your skin will be cleansed, and then we will introduce the CRP to the area using injections, microneedling, or laser therapy. The CRP is combined with one of these other procedures in order to target all layers of the skin at the cellular level from the epidermal surface to the subcutaneous tissue. This combination approach uses multiple distinct mechanisms of action to target a variety of conditions in a safe, reproducible, and relatively quick and comfortable procedure. We reduce any discomfort during the procedure by using a topical anesthetic. We also use distraction techniques and cold sprays to minimize any injection-related pain.

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Downtime and Results

Downtime and side effects are very minimal with BioHand, as the natural growth factors in CRP directly promote wound healing via cellular repair and decreased inflammation.

Your newly stimulated collagen production may take weeks to develop, so you must be patient to see results. By removing red blood cells from the CRP, we reduce the risk of bruising. Ice packs can be used immediately to minimize the risks as well.

Why Choose Greco Dermatology?

At Greco Dermatology, we’re pleased to offer anti-aging treatments of many kinds — including the BEST procedures that we have developed for natural rejuvenation. With a warm personal touch, careful listening, and a strong compassion for our patients, we provide a truly exceptional experience, with individualized care and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments in a soothing, lovely, comfortable environment.

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